Remember the last time you caught a glimpse of your favorite celebrities and marveled and how fit and sexy they looked? Well, trust me, looking good is not only good business, it is total hard work. These actors and singers all had to train vigorously and consistently to achieve that sexy bod we all drool over. Here are seven top celebrities whose hot looks were due to intensive training.

  • Henry Cavill

henry-cavillOccupying the number 1 spot on this list is the famed Man of Steel. Henry Cavill is the 33-year old British actor renowned for portraying the Last Son of Krypton in the DC cinematic universe. His sexiness has been obvious from previous films, a prime example being the acclaimed Immortals, but it was his role as a super alien in the Justice League film franchise that demanded his sexy body be trained and brought to the limelight. For the Superman movies, his training regimen is quite intensive.

According to, the actor’s official website, his routine constituted of four phases: preparation, bulking, leaning out and maintenance. The preparation phase involved him constantly consuming a large amount of calories. He daily consumed nothing less than 3,500 calories in form of proteins, fat, and carbs. To bulk up, he constantly engaged in several weightlifting exercises including squats, bench presses, deadlifts etc. The leaning out or cutting phase involved him shedding the accumulated calories and fat to reveal the rock hard body everyone swoons over. Playing Superman is not a one-time role, thus, the need to maintain his healthy body.

  • Hugh Jackman

hugh-jackmanFollowing closely on this impressive list is no other than the Wolverine himself. The success of the X-men film franchise is largely dependent on the number of fans who troop to the cinemas to stare at Hugh Jackman’s hunky form as he plays the awesome character of Wolverine. The Australian actor can best be described as a fine wine whose taste gets better with age. At the prime age of 48, Jackman’s body looks even sexier than it did 17 years ago. What’s his secret? He trained really hard for nothing less than 6 months every time he had to shoot an X-men movie. His daily diet and workout are quite similar to that of the Man of Steel: bulk up and then lean down, and definitely maintain.

  • Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth had to considerably bulk up for the role of the hammer-wielding god, Thor, of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apart from lifting weights and engaging in bodybuilding exercises, the 33-year old Australian actor ensured he ate foods rich in proteins, carbs, vegetables and fats constantly. Chris’ transformation from an underweight actor to a huge action-hero god can basically be attributed to the exhausting quantities of calories he consumed. According to him, it was pretty hard work to eat so much food. It was definitely worth it in the end though. He also regularly engages in sports such as boxing, rugby and surfing to remain fit.

  • Jennifer Lawrence

The men are not the only ones rocking totally sexy bodies. Hunger Games and X-Men star, Jenifer Lawrence, is no coward when it comes to working pretty hard to achieve that toned and attractive look that keeps eyes glued to the big screen. J.Law, as she is popularly called, keeps simple and yet effective routine. Yoga, treadmill, track runs, cardio exercises, sprints and other track exercises comprise her training regimen. She is a fond lover of food, and her constant advice to everyone is to eat well, eat healthy and drink a lot of beverages, especially, water! Just like she does.

  • Kevin Hart

The reason this comedian-turned-actor appears on this list is due to his sudden and awesome transformation from a jester to a fitness buff with amazing muscles to match that of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He claims consistent exercising, push-ups, rows, curls, dips and bench presses are responsible for his totally sexy transformation. Indeed, he is the new poster boy for health and fitness.

  • Beyoncé Knowles

Everyone knows The Queen Bee is unarguably the sexiest woman alive. Her killer looks, though God-given, has to be improved upon and regularly maintained and Beyoncé is obviously no slacker in the hard work department. She eats regularly, works out on the treadmills and constantly does squats, lunges, and presses. Beyoncé also claims to work out while listening or dancing to music. It’s no wonder she is able to sing and dance effortlessly on the big stage without breath control issues. Her amazing ability to remain sexy and fierce even after having her daughter, Blue Ivy, makes her a role model to mothers everywhere desiring to be fit.

  • Jennifer Hudson

The American singer’s hard work, dedication and determination to rid herself of obesity has made her a prominent figure in the fitness and health niche. Hers wasn’t a quick fix or an instant transformation. It took years of eating and exercising regularly to achieve the curvaceous figure she owns today.

All these celebrities have one thing in common: they made a decision to look healthy and sexy and stuck by it through the years. The road to being fit is not an easy one. However, you can make it fun. Always remember to set specific goals for yourself and regularly encourage and motivate yourself. You would be glad you did.